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The business card, from the most humble of tradesmen to the mightiest of multinationals the thing that binds them all is the near certainty they have a good business card in their promotional arsenal. 

Business cards are a time honoured way of easily and quickly passing on your key contact details to prospective customers & leads in an easy, cheap and convenient way. More leads means more enquiries and more business!

If you’re looking for a Dublin based partner to print great quality, fast and professional looking business cards you’ve found the right place! 

Our range of business cards

Loads of options for you to choose from!

The low down on business card printing

the bits we think you should know 🕵🏻‍♀️

Aren’t business cards just great? At the size of a credit card they allow you to create something unique and wow all the while getting on all the essential contact details. Best of all it isn’t an inconvenience for a customer to stow away your business card in their wallet or drawer for future use. 

A nice business card goes a long way to help you make a great first impression for your business. It’s a business essential that you can carry with you, leave on your desk or in the car ready to hand out and create a great impression and get another lead for your business. We sell business cards to customers all over Ireland, from self employed Sallys to Multinational CEO’s and everyone in between! 

Business card quality

All our business cards are printed by us in Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪

Business card quality is important, very important! We print your business cards on high quality digital card and never on anything less than 350gsm in weight (which is heavy card). All of our cards is sourced from Irish paper merchants and is all FSC certified. 

We use Konica Minolta digital presses to print your business cards, our presses are maintained to the highest standard and are regularly calibrated to make sure colour is accurate and registration perfect. Digitally printing business cards allows us to offer blazing fast turnaround times and whilst also offering unbelievable value business card printing.

Lamination options for business cards

Protects your cards, makes them feel great too!

Lamination is a great addition to elevate your business cards to something that feels fab to the touch. We offer the choice of either gloss or matt lamination for all of our business cards (with matt being a personal favourite ☺️).

Besides making your cards feel great, lamination also adds a plastic layer of protection to your cards to make them much more durable and much less likely to rip or tear. We laminate your business cards on production spec laminators with compatible digital lamination films to ensure there’s no chance of a quality hiccup when laminating your business cards. 

For business cards, It's all about that paper!

It's the most important part!

Great quality card is an essential part of a business card (who would have guessed hey 🙄). We don’t cheap out and give you thin awful-feeling cards, we only print on 350gsm card which is heavy cardstock and very typical of good quality business cards. 

As far as paper finishes we have a handful on offer that’s sure to cover your needs. Most popular of them would be silk card which is a bright white matt/silky feeling card which is great as is or makes a fantastic smooth base for laminating either. Also a great option is our uncoated card which is a lot more natural feeling and textured  to the touch. For something really unique we also offer brown kraft paper which is beautifully natural feeling and looking paper. 

Fast Turnarounds

Time is money, right? We strive to get your order turned around as quick as we can while still delivering the 123 Print expected quality!

Reliable Quality

We're a small company run by dedicated people. You can trust us to work with you to deliver the quality of product and service you want!

Great Service

Run by actual people! We try our best to bring you the best of what we have to offer. Above and beyond to make sure you're happy.

Business Card FAQ's

Below is some of our most common questions from customers who buy business cards

Most of our business card orders are posted out within 2-3 days. If you need them faster or for a specific date please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. 

Essential information to include on a business card includes your name, job title, company name, phone number, email address, and website URL. You can also add your physical address, social media profiles, and a brief tagline or description of your services.

The standard size for a business card is 85 x 55mm which works great for most cards. If you want something a bit more unique you can choose our slim 85 x 35mm business cards or square 55 x 55mm business cards. 

The number of business cards you should order depends on your networking frequency and business needs. A typical order ranges from 250 to 500 cards, but you can order more for larger events or if you expect frequent networking opportunities.

A bleed is a printing term that refers to extending the design beyond the final trim size of the card to ensure that there are no white borders or misalignment when the cards are cut. We require a 3mm bleed on all business card designs. 

A bleed is a printing term that refers to extending the design beyond the final trim size of the card to ensure that there are no white borders or misalignment when the cards are cut. We require a 3mm bleed on all business card designs. 

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