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Are you on the hunt for stickers that can jazz up your stickers for any space, indoors or outdoors? Look no further! Our sticker printing service puts the power in your hands—you get to choose the shape and size that best fits your style and needs. Our stickers are printed on vinyl suitable for indoor and outdoor use so you have you totally covered. 

Whether you want to add a touch of flair to your laptop or make a statement on your storefront window, we’ve got you covered. Simply pick your preferred shape, share your design and let us bring your sticker ideas to life!

Our range of Custom Shape Stickers

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Custom size & shape sticker printing Dublin

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Ready to make your mark and shine bright? Welcome to 123 Print, where we specialise in crafting custom plotted stickers that let your brand and creativity shine through! With endless shape possibilities and sizes, thanks to our top-notch printers, you can truly stand out without breaking the bank.

Whether you prefer gloss, matt or clear vinyl we’re here to bring your sticker dreams to life in any shape you desire. Our plotted vinyl, also known as cut vinyl or die-cut vinyl, is a hit among our customers for its affordability and versatility. And with our premium inks and vinyl, your stickers will remain vibrant for over 12 months, indoor or outdoor, rain or shine. 

Let’s bring your sticker ideas to life and make you the talk of the town!

Custom shape sticker quality

All our stickers are printed by us in Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪

Our Roland VG3 8 colour printer

At, quality is our top priority, and we’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve to ensure we deliver nothing but the best for you. Your stickers are no exception!

We print all of your custom-sized stickers using the cutting-edge Roland VG3 8-colour eco-solvent printer, equipped with industry-leading Truvis 2 inks. This printer isn’t just your average CMYK setup— with extended colours you can think light black for perfect greys, light magenta for vibrant pinks, light cyan for soothing blues, and orange for that extra pop!

But wait, there’s more! We exclusively print your custom-shaped stickers on premium Oracal Orajet vinyl, boasting a 4-year permanent adhesive that sticks like a dream to a variety of surfaces. Plus, with Roland ecosolvent inks offering a 3-year outdoor life without lamination, you can rest easy knowing your stickers will endure the elements. And guess what? They’re just as perfect for indoor use, also boasting excellent scratch resistance.

Let’s bring your sticker vision to life with top-notch quality that’s built to last!

Our tips for you to help create beautiful custom shape stickers

Get the most from your stickers 📈

Getting the most out of your stickers starts with great design. Below we listed some considerations for you when creating your stickers. 

  1. Keep it Simple: Opt for clean, simple designs that are easy to read and understand at a glance. Too much complexity can make your sticker design overwhelming.

  2. Consider the Shape: Since you’re creating custom shape stickers, think about how the shape enhances your design. Make sure the shape complements the content and purpose of the sticker.

  3. Eye-Catching Colors: Use bold and vibrant colors to make your sticker stand out. Consider the psychology of colors and how they evoke emotions and convey messages.

  4. Balance and Composition: Pay attention to the balance and composition of your design. Ensure that elements are placed harmoniously and that there’s enough white space to prevent overcrowding.

  5. Typography Matters: Choose fonts that are easy to read, even from a distance. Experiment with different font styles to find one that complements your design aesthetic.

  6. Tell a Story: Your sticker should convey a clear message or tell a story that resonates with your audience. Whether it’s promoting a brand, sharing a quote, or showcasing artwork, make sure the message is compelling.

  7. Use High-Quality Images: If you’re incorporating images into your design, make sure they’re high-resolution and of good quality. Blurry or pixelated images can detract from the overall appeal of your sticker.

  8. Test Different Designs: Don’t be afraid to create multiple iterations of your design and test them out. Get feedback from friends, family, or colleagues to see which design resonates the most.

  9. Brand Consistency: If you’re designing stickers for a brand or organization, ensure that the design aligns with the brand’s identity and values. Consistency across all marketing materials helps reinforce brand recognition.

  10. Consider the Application: Think about where the sticker will be used—whether it’s on a laptop, water bottle, or car bumper. Consider factors like size, durability, and weather resistance when designing your sticker.

  11. Use a great print service: Like 😏 But even if you don’t use us for your stickers make sure you choose a printer with good quality machines and one that has a reputation for producing great quality stickers. There is nothing quite like being underwhelmed. 

Adding cut lines to your designs

How to get your artwork ready

We require submitted sticker artwork be a vector and to have cut lines and preferably bleed added. A cut line is basically a colour line that tells the printer where to cut once the sticker has been printed.

As a general rule we usually say to customers to go with a with a 0.5pt stroke that is 100% magenta spot colour, this will be the ‘CutContour’ line. We recommend also adding 2mm bleed past the CutContour line to make sure the sticker has no white around the edges. It is important that the ‘CutContour’ is on a layer of its own, is named exactly CutContour and is the top layer. 

Here is a handy guide which hopefully makes things a little easier – here

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