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While many businesses lean heavily on email for direct customer communication & marketing, there’s something special about going the traditional route with physical, printed marketing materials, and custom envelopes add a unique touch to your business.

Imagine personalised envelopes that match your brand, housing carefully crafted marketing content. They don’t just catch your customer’s eye; they practically shout, “Open me!” The beauty of a well-designed, high-quality envelope is that it practically begs to be opened, ensuring your message gets the attention it truly deserves, far beyond what an email can achieve. It’s all about creating that engaging, tactile experience for your customers.

Our range of printed envelopes

Elevate your business communication with custom envelopes

All about envelope printing

Elevate your communications with envelopes!

Employing printed envelopes offers a remarkable boost to your business’s brand presence. Our services encompass full-color or black and white printing, harnessing cutting-edge digital printing technology to allow for perfect print on each individual envelope. This level of customization empowers you to tailor these envelopes to precisely match your specific requirements for your business.

In an era where email serves as the primary means of direct corporate communication, there exists a compelling case for embracing traditional mailed marketing materials. Crafted with precision, our personalised envelopes not only capture your customer’s attention but also ensure they engage more deeply with the marketing content enclosed within. The result? An exceptionally printed & designed, top-tier envelope that dramatically increases the likelihood of the recipient eagerly opening it to peruse the valuable information contained inside.

Printed Envelope Quality

Top quality Irish manufactured & printed by us in Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪

The importance of envelope quality cannot be overstated when it comes to presenting your marketing materials. The last thing you want is your carefully crafted message printed on subpar, low-quality envelopes.

At 123 Print, we take envelope quality to the next level. We exclusively use Irish-manufactured, laser-guaranteed brilliant white envelopes that boast a standard premium 120gsm weight and feature a user-friendly peel-and-seal flap, making these a breeze to close. These envelopes are a testament to our commitment to excellence and durability that will match in perfectly with your business. 

When it comes to printing, we offer you the choice of full-colour or black-and-white printing for all your envelope needs. This flexibility ensures that your envelopes align perfectly with your branding and message and more importantly budget!  

To cater to various requirements, we offer envelopes in a range of sizes, each detailed below for your reference:

  • DL: Measuring 220mm x 110mm 
  • C5: Measuring 229mm x 162mm (suitable for A5 documents)
  • C4: Measuring 324mm x 229mm (suitable for A4 documents)

Our devotion to quality, paired with a wide selection of envelope sizes and printing options, guarantees that your marketing materials will not only be noticed but also leave a lasting impression on your customers. 

Creative ideas for envelope printing

You can use for your business

Printed envelopes offer a versatile and creative canvas for various purposes beyond traditional mailing. Here are some ideas using printed envelopes that would be great for your business!

  1. Direct Mail Marketing: Use personalised envelopes to enhance the effectiveness of your direct mail marketing campaigns, ensuring your message grabs attention.
  2. Event Invitations: Create custom envelopes for event invites, setting the mood and building excitement among recipients.

  3. Thank-You Cards: Show gratitude with customised envelopes for thank-you notes or cards, leaving a memorable and considerate impression.

  4. Gift Card Packaging: Elevate the presentation of gift cards and vouchers with well-designed envelopes.

  5. Newsletter Distribution: Reinforce your brand identity by delivering newsletters or company updates in branded envelopes.

  6. Product Samples: Surprise and delight your customers by including product samples or small promotional items in eye-catching envelopes.

  7. Invoicing: Use custom envelopes to send invoices or bills, enhancing the organisation and branding of your financial communications.

  8. Surveys and Feedback Forms: Encourage feedback and interaction by enclosing surveys or feedback forms in attractive envelopes.

  9. Holiday Greetings: Spread seasonal cheer with festive envelopes for holiday cards and greetings.

  10. VIP Offers: Make customers feel special by sending exclusive offers, discounts, or access codes in unique envelopes.

  11. Certificates and Diplomas: Add a formal and proud touch by presenting certificates, diplomas, or achievement awards in custom envelopes.

  12. Fundraising Campaigns: Increase donor engagement for non-profit organisations by using printed envelopes for fundraising appeals or donation requests.

  13. Educational Materials: Distribute educational materials, welcome packages, or important documents to students and parents in branded envelopes for educational institutions.

  14. Rebranding Announcements: Create excitement and awareness for rebranding or significant changes in your business by sending rebranding announcements in unique envelopes.

  15. Customer Surprises: Reward loyal customers or subscribers with surprises or exclusive offers enclosed in printed envelopes.

  16. Custom Stationery: Match your business’s personalised stationery with specially designed envelopes to maintain a cohesive and professional image.

  17. Contests and Sweepstakes: Make contest entries or sweepstakes notifications stand out by using specially designed envelopes.

These ideas illustrate the versatility of printed envelopes in various business and communication contexts, emphasizing their potential to leave a lasting impact on your customers & recipients.   

How long will it take for my envelopes to be printed?

Good news! Very quick!

We produce all of our envelopes on our digital production printers, enabling us to offer swift turnaround times, often as short as 2 days. We maintain a comprehensive stock of various envelope types, ensuring that your order can be promptly fulfilled once placed.

However, it’s important to note that the only situation where we might experience a somewhat extended turnaround time is when dealing with orders for 500 envelopes or more. This is due to the scale of production required for larger quantities.

Should you desire more in-depth information regarding our turnaround times or have any other inquiries, we encourage you to reach out to our friendly team via email to [email protected] or by phone on (01) 9609 123. Our team is  available & happy to assist with any questions you may have. 

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