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If you’re rocking it in the service sector, custom printed gift vouchers are a must to bring in that precious extra business. Spice up your market presence, reel in some fresh faces and increase your business revenue with custom printed gift vouchers. 

Whether you’re running a hair salon, café, hotel, restaurant, shop, beauty spot, bar, takeout, offering pro services, or running a gym – gift vouchers are your ticket to boosting your sales and making the cash flow dance. They’re not just handy all year round; they’re like your business cheerleaders, especially during festive times like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. So, let’s spread the voucher love and keep that business groove going! 🎉

Our range of gift voucher printing

Your ticket to a boost in sales

Gift voucher printing

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In today’s dynamic business landscape, personalised gift vouchers are a must for those in the service sector. Elevate your market presence, draw in new customers and strengthen your brand by offering the convenience of prepaid gift vouchers.

Whether you’re running a salon, café, hotel, restaurant, retail store, beauty salon, bar, or even a fitness business – gift vouchers prove to be a fantastic way to not only increase your sales but also smooth out your cash flow. They’re not just handy all year round; they can be especially impactful during festive seasons like Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Give your revenue a timely boost and secure upfront funds with our gift voucher printing. Think of them as your own currency generator. For an example – selling 100 vouchers with an average value of €50 each could potentially create a revenue stream of €5,000. Many of our customers are selling multiples of this per year and enjoy having the flexibility of gift vouchers are a big part of the revenue generation in their businesses. What are you waiting for?

Gift voucher printing quality

All our gift vouchers are printed by us in Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪

We prioritise top-notch quality – it’s not just important, it’s our commitment! Your gift vouchers are crafted on premium digital cardstock of your choosing, sourced exclusively from reputable Irish paper merchants, all proudly FSC certified.

At the heart of our printing process are cutting-edge Konica Minolta digital presses. Our presses are meticulously maintained and also undergo regular calibration. Why? To ensure that every print reflects precision – from spot-on colours to flawless registration.

So, rest assured, your vouchers aren’t just pieces of paper; they’re a testament to our dedication to quality, right down to the details. Because when it comes to your brand, every shade matters, and every detail counts!

Gift voucher paper options

Pick the perfect paper

We carry a number of high quality papers and cards in stock for your custom gift vouchers. Each of our card stocks are detailed below with a description of each of their characteristics and finished looks. 

Silk Paper: Indulge in the luxurious feel of silk-coated paper, offering a smooth texture and subtle surface sheen. It provides outstanding contrast and delivers distinct and vivid printed colours. The dounside? If you plan on writing with pen you need to give it a little bit of time to dry into the paper!

Uncoated Paper: Unleash your creativity on our uncoated paper, a superb choice for items that require handwritten messages. This absorbent paper ensures ease of writing, giving printed inks a softer, tactile finish. 

Trucard: Introducing Trucard, a specialised greeting card material that’s silky smooth on the outside, with a silk coating. Inside, it’s uncoated, making it a breeze to jot down your thoughts. Crafted from sturdy 280gsm card, Trucard guarantees high-quality, long-lasting greeting cards, available in a silk finish, reducing the need for lamination.

Folding Choices Explained:

  1. Half Fold: This option involves taking your landscape page (also known as the “Flat Size”) and folding it vertically. The end result is a greeting card that’s supplied already folded in half. This classic fold style is ideal for a clean and elegant presentation.

  2. Tent-fold: With the tent-fold choice, we take your portrait page, again starting from the “Flat Size,” and fold it horizontally. This creates an inverted ‘V’ shape, giving your greeting card a unique and eye-catching appearance. The product is supplied in its folded form, ready to impress your recipients.

At 123 Print, we prioritise a hassle-free ordering process to ensure your top-of-the-line vouchers are delivered to any location within Ireland. You can count on us for a fast turnaround and speedy delivery service to serve all our customers throughout Ireland effectively. Your custom gift voucher will stand out with our high-quality printing and attention to detail. 

Gift voucher ideas

Get the most from your gift vouchers

Crafting engaging and attractive gift vouchers for your business can significantly boost their appeal. Consider some of the following ideas to inspire your vouchers:

Themed Designs: Tailor your vouchers to match the seasons or special occasions, using festive colours and elements for holidays or designing around specific themes.

Branding Elements: Strengthen your brand identity by incorporating your logo, brand colours, and signature design elements that customers associate with your business.

Personalised Images: Showcase the essence of your business with images that represent your services – serene spa treatments or beautifully set tables for a restaurant.

Clear Information: Ensure that essential details like voucher value, terms, and redemption instructions are prominently displayed for clarity.

Custom Illustrations: Add a unique touch with custom illustrations or artwork that align with your business theme.

QR Codes: Include a QR code linked to your website or a special promotion, encouraging voucher recipients to explore more about your business.

Add Perforations: If you want to easier keep track of vouchers you have sold you can add a tear off section to make keeping track of vouchers easy peasy.

Testimonials or Quotes: Infuse positivity with customer testimonials or uplifting quotes related to your business.

Gift Wrapping Option: Design vouchers with a visual representation of gift wrapping to emphasise their gifting potential.

Multi-Use Vouchers: Consider designs that can be used for multiple services or purchases, providing customers with flexibility.

Keep your target audience in mind and aim for a design that resonates with them. The goal is to make your gift vouchers visually appealing while effectively conveying the value and excitement of your offerings.

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