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We specialise in delivering top-notch NCR books that won’t break the bank! Utilising advanced digital NCR paper technology, we offer you the choice between black and white or vibrant full color printing to suit your preferences.

Whether it’s invoice books, order forms, or receipt books, our customisable services ensure that your NCR books meet your exact specifications. You’re in control of the design and content.

Our NCR Booklets and Pads are not just ordinary; they’re fantastic in quality. Count on them to provide you with the utmost accuracy for every receipt or invoice you handle, making your business operations smoother and more efficient.

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The ins and outs of NCR

what exactly is NCR?

NCR (No Carbon Required) books are a type of business form used for creating multiple copies of handwritten or printed documents without the need for carbon paper. These books are designed for applications where multiple copies of the same information need to be created simultaneously, most commonly in the form of invoices, receipts, purchase orders, work orders, and other business forms.

NCR books typically consist of multiple sheets of specially treated paper. When you write or print on the top sheet, the pressure from the writing instrument or printer causes the underlying sheets to transfer the content to them, creating copies without the messy carbon paper. NCR paper is coated with microcapsules containing colourless chemicals that react when pressure is applied, producing a visible copy on the underlying sheets.

NCR books are available in various sizes and configurations, such as duplicate (2-part), triplicate (3-part), or quad (4-part), depending on how many copies are needed. They are widely used in businesses to maintain records and provide copies of important documents for customers, suppliers, and internal records.

What are NCR or duplicate books used for?

common uses for your business

NCR (No Carbon Required) books are used for a variety of business and administrative purposes, primarily when multiple copies of the same document need to be created simultaneously. Some common uses include:

1. Invoices: NCR books are commonly used to create multiple copies of invoices for customers, helping maintain records and provide copies for the customer, accounting, and other departments.

2. Receipts: They are used to generate copies of receipts for customers, especially in retail or service industries, ensuring both the business and the customer have a record of the transaction.

3. Purchase Orders: NCR books are used to create copies of purchase orders for suppliers, allowing a company to retain a record of orders while the supplier receives a copy for their records.

4. Work Orders: In maintenance, repair, and service industries, work orders are often generated using NCR books to provide copies to the customer and keep a record for the service provider.

5. Delivery Notes: When goods are delivered, a copy of the delivery note can be given to the customer, and another can be retained for internal records.

6. Shipping Documents: In logistics and shipping, NCR forms can be used for creating multiple copies of shipping documents, which may be required by various parties in the shipping process.

7. Contracts and Agreements: For legal and contractual purposes, NCR forms can be used to create copies of signed contracts and agreements for all parties involved.

8. Custom Forms: NCR books can be customized for various other forms and documents required by specific businesses or industries.

Overall, NCR books help streamline administrative processes, maintain accurate records, and provide documentation to multiple parties involved in a transaction or business process. They are a convenient alternative to using messy carbon paper and are widely used in various industries where duplicate or triplicate copies of documents are necessary.

Quality of our NCR duplicate books

Top notch quality, just for you!

Our NCR booklets and pads are meticulously crafted to guarantee precision when you record details on receipts or invoices. We employ advanced digital printing techniques to produce either duplicate or triplicate forms, tailoring our output to meet your specific business requirements. These forms are meticulously bound into sets or pads and fortified with sturdy manilla covers, ensuring they remain safeguarded from potential damage. 

The digital printing process also enables us to incorporate sheet numbering for effortless organisation. Our services cater to both business customers and the general public, and we take pride in delivering top-notch NCR duplicate books to a wide range of businesses across Ireland.

How long will it take for my NCR duplicate books to be printed?

Turnaround starts from as soon as 5 days!

We strive to turn around your NCR duplicate books as quick as we can! Due to the finishing processes involved our process from start to finish usually takes around 5-7 days from order until delivery. 

Depending on the quantity/spec we can sometimes get these out quicker it needed. Let us know on the quote form below and we’ll do our best!

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