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Loyalty cards stand as a highly effective means to express gratitude to your most devoted customers while offering a tangible incentive for their continued loyalty. Beyond serving as a simple reward, these cards create a unique bond, encouraging your customers to return repeatedly.

By acknowledging your customers loyalty you not only enhance their experience but also transform them into organic promoters, becoming influential advertisers who actively contribute to the success of your business. Showcasing appreciation to your steadfast supporters ensures that their commitment to your brand becomes an enduring and mutually beneficial relationship.

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All about loyalty cards

how they can help your business thrive 📈

Loyalty cards are a great little marketing tool designed to reward and incentivise your loyal customers. Typically used by businesses in the retail and service industries, these cards offer customers benefits, discounts, or special privileges in exchange for repeat custom. The concept is straightforward: customers receive a lovely printed card that they present during transactions which is typically stamped or hole punched to record the transaction and put them one step closer to a reward.

Accumulated stamps or punches on the loyalty card can then be redeemed for discounts, free products, or exclusive perks, creating a sense of value for customers and encouraging them to continue choosing that particular business over competitors. Loyalty cards not only foster customer retention but also serve as a way for your business to express appreciation for your customers’ ongoing support, turning satisfied customers into loyal brand advocates.

Loyalty card paper & quality

All our cards are printed by us in Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪

We print our loyalty cards on our recommended 350gsm smooth white uncoated card or if you want something a bit more wow, rustic and unique you can have your design printed on a lovely earthy brown Kraft card. Both cards are perfect for allowing customers to store them in their purses or wallets as they are size roughly the same as a business or credit card.

Both of these paper types are best type for stamping or writing on as they allow the ink to soak into the card very quickly eliminating any chance of ink running or smudging. We’re sure your stamp will work gloriously with either card. Both card types work great with a hole punch either. 

We print your loyalty cards digitally in full colour which produces excellent colour details and vibrance to ensure your cards look as best as they can be! 

Some ideas for what to include on loyalty cards

That might help boost your business

Business Logo and Name: Your loyalty card should prominently showcase your business logo and name, ensuring immediate brand recognition. Opt for a design that resonates with your brand identity and remains memorable.

Loyalty Program Name: Clearly state the name of your loyalty program, aiming for something catchy or descriptive. A distinctive name enhances engagement and makes your program more memorable to customers.

Customer’s Name: Include a designated space for the customer’s name on the loyalty card. This personal touch fosters a connection and makes customers feel more engaged with your brand.

Point Tracking Section: Design a user-friendly section for customers to track their earned points. Whether through a grid, chart, or visual representation, make it easy for customers to monitor their progress.

Reward Tiers (if applicable): If your loyalty program features different tiers, clearly outline the benefits associated with each level. This visual representation motivates customers to strive for higher loyalty tiers.

Contact Information: Provide contact details for customer inquiries or assistance related to the loyalty card. This adds a layer of customer support, ensuring that questions are promptly addressed.

Special Promotions or Offers: Leverage the loyalty card to showcase special promotions or exclusive offers available only to program members. This creates a sense of exclusivity and encourages ongoing engagement.

Social Media Information: Include your business’s social media handles or relevant hashtags. Encouraging customers to connect online builds a sense of community and provides additional channels for communication.

Instructions for Use: Clearly instruct customers on how to use the card, specifying when and where to present it. Simple and clear instructions contribute to a seamless and positive customer experience.

Branding Elements: Maintain consistent branding elements, including colours, fonts, and overall design. Consistency reinforces your brand identity and presents a polished and professional image.

QR Code (Optional): If applicable, incorporate a QR code directing customers to a dedicated loyalty program page, promotions, or other relevant online content. This adds a digital dimension to the loyalty card experience.

Aesthetic Design: Design the loyalty card with aesthetics that align with your brand. Consider color schemes, imagery, and overall visual appeal to make the card eye-catching and reflective of your business identity.

Customer Testimonials (Optional): If space permits, add a section for customer testimonials or quotes. Positive feedback and the good word of others makes people want to do business with your business! 

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Loyalty Card FAQ's

Below is some of our most common questions from customers who buy loyalty cards

Most of our loyalty card orders are posted out within 2-3 days. If you need them faster or for a specific date please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. 

As best practice a loyalty card should feature the business logo, contact information, short terms and conditions if needed, a section for point tracking, and details about special offers or discounts. Clear instructions on earning and redeeming rewards could be provided also, along with any relevant social media links. Keep the design visually appealing and aligned with your brand, making it easy for both customers and your business to manage.

The standard size for loyalty cards is 85 x 55mm which is perfect for keeping in a purse or wallet as it’s exactly the size of a credit card. We recommend to stick with this size! 

Depending on how many customers you deal with or how big your business is a good number to start with is 500. If you’re businesses uses a lot of loyalty cards it’s probably best to go bulk and cut down on the cost. Whatever you need, we have you covered! 

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