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In the world of small business marketing, the magic of a personalised postcard knows no bounds! This nifty little gem isn’t just a card; it’s your versatile sidekick for everything from charming direct mail campaigns to adding flair as box inserts or delightful giveaways. 

Picture this: you’re hosting a special event or showcasing your online shop, and voila! With a custom postcard, you’re handing customers and prospects a treasure trove of information, neatly packaged in a portable and oh-so-convenient format. Let your business shine in every everywhere these postcards go and make connections that truly stick! 🌟📬

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All you need to know about postcards ☺️

Dive into the world of vibrant postcard possibilities with our high-quality printing services! Let your unique personality shine through in personally designed postcards that transcend the ordinary. Perfect for business promotions, these postcards are your ticket to notifying clients about upcoming attractions or making personal statements as invitations or announcements.

The beauty lies in the flexibility – order as many as you need for friends, family, or cherished clients. And the best part? Our printing process, powered by the top-quality Konica Minolta digital printers ensures rich, distinctive colours and impeccable accuracy, giving life to your creative vision.

But that’s not all! Take your pick from an extensive range of paper choices, sizes, and designs – whether landscape or portrait. Starting with a substantial paper weight of 300gsm, you can opt for an even sturdier 350gsm if you plan to post them. Add a touch of sophistication with optional matt or gloss lamination for extra strength.

Our array of sizes – A7, A6, DL, A5, 140mm x 140mm, and 148mm x 148mm – ensures you find the perfect fit for every occasion. Let your messages and promotions stand out with postcards that are not just prints but vibrant reflections of your personality and business flair! 🌈📮

Postcard Quality & Paper Options

Your postcards are printed by us in Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪

Creating a fantastic first impression is key in how folks perceive your business or organization. In a world where every detail matters, why take a chance with the quality of your print advertising?

Now, when it comes to postcards we just love printing them! Each order gets the special treatment, printed with care to leave a smile on your face. We’re all about the cool tech too – thanks to our trusty Konica Minolta digital presses, your postcards not only burst with vibrant colours but also get to you in a flash. Fast and fabulous, just the way you like it! Your postcards deserve a touch of friendliness and efficiency, don’t you think? Let’s make your message pop with quality and good vibes. 🌟📮

Paper Options for postcards

Explore our postcard materials, each with its own unique charm!

Trucard: Unleash the extraordinary with our specialist postcard material – Trucard! Its exterior is not just coated but scratchproof, ensuring durability. And for that personal touch, the inside is uncoated, making it a breeze to jot down your thoughts. Crafted from robust 280gsm card, these high-quality postcards are available in both a sophisticated matte or glossy finish, promising a lasting impact.

Silk: Immerse yourself in the smooth elegance of our Silk coated paper! With a subtle surface sheen, it provides a delightful feel. Witness excellent ink to paper contrast, making printed colours pop with distinction.

Uncoated: Embrace the simplicity and functionality of our Uncoated paper. Ideal for leaflets that beg to be written on, its absorbent nature ensures an easy writing experience. Revel in a soft tactile finish as printed inks appear subtly muted.

Discover the perfect material for your postcards – where durability meets style, and your creativity knows no bounds! 🎨📬

Our tips on how to create brilliant postcards

Post perfect with our postcard tips

Let’s chat about making your postcards not just effective but also downright delightful!

Keep it Simple: Imagine your postcard as a friendly wave rather than a novel. Small in size, big on impact! Focus on a few key things you want your customers to know. A snappy call to action, a website URL, phone number, or address – gives them a quick way to dive deeper into what makes your message special.

Stand Out in Style: Picture your postcard as the superhero in the postbox – it’s got to stand out! Whether nestled among letters or on a notice board, bold colours, a stunning image, or your logo can be the cape that ensures your postcard gets the attention it deserves.

Consistency is key: Let’s be matchmakers, but for your brand! Use fonts, logos, and colours to create a consistent look across your marketing family – from business cards to signage. This isn’t just about creating a cohesive vibe; it’s about establishing a brand that’s not just recognisable but downright unforgettable.

Tell a Mini-Story: Think of your postcard as a tiny tale. Craft a narrative that resonates with your audience. It could be a brief success story, a fun fact, or a sneak peek into your behind-the-scenes magic. Make it something people can connect with!

Include a Dash of Personality: Infuse your postcard with a bit of your brand’s personality. Whether it’s a quirky tagline, a witty remark, or a playful graphic element, let your brand shine through. This personal touch can turn a simple message into a memorable experience.

Offer a Sweet Surprise: Everyone loves a little extra. Consider adding a small discount code, a special offer, or even a QR code leading to exclusive content. This not only adds value for your customers but also gives them a delightful reason to engage with your brand.

Encourage Interaction: Turn your postcard into an interactive experience. Pose a question, host a poll, or invite recipients to share their thoughts on social media. Creating a two-way communication channel can foster a sense of community around your brand.

So, let’s make your postcards the talk of the town – simple, stylish, and part of a brand that people will remember with a smile! 🌈📬

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